SRK’s Mannat is the best thing Bollywood star can ever have. “I want a home like Shahrukh’s Mannat,” – is the wish of almost each person and probably the stars. Bollywood has injected life in Indian cinema and is known for its loving stars. While this saying continues to prevail, the superstars have made their mark not just with their acting but also with their world class lifestyle. Their lifestyle is scrutinized by all in their own way.  Of all the buzz that have gained maximum importance, prime one is King Khan’s king-size home “Mannat”.  Situated at Bandstand, Bandra West, Mannat is considered symbolic of SRK’s stature, enigma and power.

The Dream House

Well one thing that you all have wondered about is the market value of the King’s palace and its specifications. The house has got beautifully decorated gardens in the front followed by lavishly designed indoors. Peeping into the mansion, you will get to find neo-classical elements being used within it while the interiors are adorned with modern and curios object of art which have been brought from different parts of the world. On the hind side of the mansion, there is a well decorated kitchen, lounge area reserved for sittings along with King Khan’s studio and office and a gymnasium with all the modern equipment.

Peeping into the Grand Mansion

Mannat Interior
Living Area

This 6-storey mansion has got an elevator connecting each floor. Interesting it is to note that while one floor of the house serve as kid’s playroom, private bar, entertainment centre and library, two other floors make space for the living area. So, isn’t that something really royal? But can you guess the market value of this grand mansion? Originally known as Villa Vienna, this property measuring 26,328.52 sq.ft i.e.  2, 2246 sq.metre, was bought by Shahrukh Khan on lease in the year 2001. Khan paid a sum of Rs 13.32 crore then and got the mansion renamed “Mannat”.


Dining Area

Interesting artwork on the wall, mix-match chairs alongside the dining table, long, elegant dining table and exotic lighting system – proper placement and arrangement of all these stuffs define dining area of SRK’s house.


SRK Bedroom
SRK Bedroom

SRK’s grand bedroom is worth mentioning while talking about Mannat. Covering huge area, SRK’s bedroom has mesmerising interior architecture. Beautifully designed and decorated, the bedroom of Shahrukh Khan upkeeps pereffect colour combination on the walls and the furniture.

Current Valuation of Mannat

After the revision of the land’s lease rates by the Government of Maharashtra, official price of Shahrukh’s sea-facing bunglow- Mannat has turned out to be Rs 41.5 crore approximately. For those who are finding this amount low compared to SRK’s stature, there is a big surprise waiting. Well, what would be your reaction to know that the current value of Mannat stands out to be Rs 113.21 Crores? The price of a regular sized apartment in Bandra is summed up to be Rs 43,000 per sq.ft. Multiplying this by the area of Mannat, this is what the amount stands out to be. But mind you, that is just an approximate value. The heritage status of this mansion enhance its value by another 15% while the sea facing site grants another 25 to 35%. Estimating the value of this mansion with all these consideration along with its furnished interior, Mannat stands out to be Rs 184.30 Crores. This value is something even more than Mr Bachchan’s “Prateeksha”.

Location: Bandra Bandstand
Rate Per Sq. Ft. : ₹7, 000 per sq. ft. approximately and on average
Mannat Area: Approx. 26, 328. 52 Sq. Ft.
Approximate Value: ₹ 184.30 Crores Approximately