NRIs buy small house

For Non-Resident Indians, it has been observed that their investment in real estate has been dipping down as they prefer to invest more in different small segments rather than one big segment. As per various NRIs’ views, they find it bit expensive for them to invest more of the money in plush luxurious apartments as they are left with no money at the end of the day for further investment in business out there in their foreign countries.

Life is equally difficult in foreign countries as in India and hence, thinking that NRIs are making great amount of disposable money may be wrong. What exactly goes wrong with them is being the end-users of the lavishing big apartment they buy. It’s quite difficult to sell such expensive property as and when required. Properties with small value, on the other hand, can be of benefit to them in terms of either rent-out or personal use.

NRIs investment in expensive properties bring them, though luxurious lifestyle, a financial insecurity in case they need money urgently for business or family purpose. Thus, more demands of mid-segment apartment in affordable market is being witnessed by the Non-Resident Indians these days.

It’s being noticed that the North Indian NRIs are strongly investing in Noida, Ghaziabad and other NCR regions while NRIs from Mumbai are seeking properties and willing to invest in Pune and Nashik rather than in Mumbai. Malayalees and South Indian NRIs, on the other hand, are investing in Coimbatore and Kochi regions and not Bengaluru or Chennai, and NRIs from Gujarat are looking to purchase properties in Ahmedabad and Vadodara.

National Capital Regions, no doubt, have tremendous options for NRIs investment in real estate as they cater beautifully constructed houses at price just affordable by all. Ranging something under 30 Lakh to the price as high as in Crores, the properties here, even at low price, serve luxurious living-standard. Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad and Greater Noida have been in high demand by the real estate investors for long time and according a report released recently, NCR is on the top of the list for millions of housing demand by 2020.

NRIs Approach Today
They are looking for investment portfolio of diverse, small projects instead of one big and final deal. NRIs prefer to divide their money into numerous small projects or properties so that they can easily sell them off when required. And even if the property is not sold out for any reason, at least they have the peace of mind that the amount of money investment in the property is not huge and can be retained for personal use.

The investment bracket of the NRIs have been observed as to be between ₹60 Lakh and ₹2 Crore. It’s, indeed, a safe and secure amount for investment in real estate by the NRIs as the major cities cater luxurious apartments whose cost fall in this bracket.

They are willing to play on small-ticket size instead of large-ticket size. They want to leave their exit gate open, as per global economy movement. Larger the ticket size, more the time it will take to liquidate.

What NRIs Prefer?
Inexpensive projects for investment or personal use
An investment in easily saleable projects
Investment in multiple small projects
Security in housing investment