topHome décor doesn’t come with a manual to achieve that perfect look for your home! It depends on many factors like your preference, style, budget and so much more. But there are certain things with which you should maintain a permanent friendship with! And there are 3 Cs that come under this category. Be pally with these 3 Cs of home décor and your home will always be admired!

1.CoppercopperNo matter how modern our décor choices become, we have that special soft corner for traditional look. Copper is the ultimate metal for home décor choices as it is sleek with being contemporary too. Ignore other metals like brass and invite copper in your home in the form of lamps, sinks, bathtubs or stands.

2.CorduroyCorduroyIt might sound strange to you thinking that corduroy is for trousers. But the fact is that corduroy is amazing to use for furnishings in home! Buy furnishings like sofa covers, cushions and settee covers in corduroy and feel the freshness by yourself!

3.Chik Windowswindow-blindsAll the modern and stylish windows may be trending, but the beauty of the traditional window dressing cannot be beaten. They look traditional and homely with being extremely reasonable. You can easily buy them from a nearby chik crafter or even from an upmarket store. Have chik windows to let the sun enter your home with beauty!