topGood food is something that can light up your mood instantly, bring a smile to your face and can even make your boring days interesting! But where is the root of the food? It is the kitchen – the most productive portion of your living space. Kitchen is not only the place for preparation of food, it is the place where the family members relish this food and have meaningful discussions over the meals. After all, a family which eats together, stays together! So, when kitchen is so significant in our lives, it is our duty to make a Vaastu-compliant kitchen one to avoid unnecessary problems in life.

Here are some really easy Vaastu Tips for kitchen one can follow anytime.

1. Correct Direction Correct direction

The perfect direction considered for the kitchen is the southeast direction/corner of the house. The reason behind this is that the southeast direction is governed by the Fire Element which makes it the ideal location for kitchen.

2. Position of the KitchenPosition of the kitchen

It is very important to ensure that the kitchen doesn’t share any of its walls with the washroom or the toilet as these are the places of waste. In multi-storey buildings also, kitchen should never be made below or above the washroom/toilet.

3. Position of Refrigerator Position of refrigerator

Almost everybody, nowadays, plans to keep refrigerators in the kitchen. As per Vaastu rule for kitchen, if you are also planning to do the same, then you must ensure to keep it in the south-west direction but at least 12 inches away from the corner. The north-east direction should completely be avoided.

4. Gas Stoves are the Heartbeat!Gas stoves are the heartbeat

Placement of kitchen is very important but what is the most essential part of the kitchen? It is the gas stove as it does most of the cooking, therefore it should also be placed in the southeast direction that too a few inches away from the wall. This is to make sure that the person cooking is facing the east direction.

5. Position of Sinks/Washbasins/Taps  Position of sinks/washbasins/taps Sinks/washbasins/taps are symbolizes flowing water. Vaastu rule for sinks in Kitchen suggests that they should be placed just opposite the gas stove in the northeast direction. This is because Fire and Water repel each other as they are opposite elements.

6. Path of Air Path of air According to Vaastu rule for kitchen, one or two windows are mandatory in the kitchen. Any kind of window – big or small- should be placed in the east direction. Similarly, exhaust fans should also be placed in the east but any kind of ventilators should be in the south direction.

7. StorageStorage A kitchen is always full of groceries which need space for storage. Storage shelves or cupboards should always be on the western or southern walls of the kitchen whereas north and east should be completely avoided.

8. Drinking Water Drinking water Drinking water can be kept in various forms in the kitchen such as ROs, filters, earthen pots etc. but the correct direction for these is the north-east.

9. Electronic AppliancesElectronic appliances We can’t imagine our eating habits and meals without microwaves, toasters, sandwich-makers, ovens etc. Because of their regular use we tend to keep them in the kitchen to avoid hassles. Therefore, they should be kept in the southeast or the south direction. North east direction should be totally shunned.

10. Dine Together Dine together Important Vaastu for kitchen – the direction of dining table. Eating together on the dining table for at least one meal in the entire day. It works greatly for the bonding of the family members. So, the suitable direction for the dining table is the west or the north-west direction.

These are some basic and simple Vaastu tips for a kitchen. However, you are strictly advised to consult your Vaastu-expert before making changes to your kitchen as the Vaastu Shastra for kitchen also works as per the location, position and direction of the kitchen.